Late-Season Trail Running Holidays for 2022

As summer winds down, milder weather sets in — and for a runner, that has to be a good thing! Take advantage of those cool autumn breezes and quieter trails to explore the UK at its most starkly beautiful. With a good set of warm layers, even early winter is well worth considering. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite options for a late-season trail running holiday, so read on to find the best route for you.

As we slip into the off-season, we’re reducing our minimum notice requirements. We only require a fortnight’s notice between the day you book and the day your run begins. Perfect for spontaneous late-season adventures.

Hoping to run sooner than that? We’re happy to help! Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll check availability for your specific holiday.

Why run in the off-season?

Autumn reveals a real shift in character across each trail as the leaves colour and fall, revealing open views that were hidden by greenery in spring and summer. There’s boundless opportunity here to extend your outdoorsy season beyond the obvious months, and enjoy brisk bright days of running, rounded off each evening with a stay in a warm and welcoming inn.

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Quieter trails
As the tourist season peters out, even our busiest trails grow mellow. There's something special about having a trail almost to yourself, surrounded by the quiet countryside.

Trail running along Hadrians Wall

Cooler temperatures
The mild temperatures of the UK's off-season are a real balm if you want to push yourself on your run, and after the heatwaves of 2022, we're quite looking forward to those cool breezes!

Trail running accommodation

Busy wildlife
Our local wildlife are immensely busy in autumn, stocking up on all the seeds and berries they'll need to survive the winter. Look out for deer, too, as they're particularly active during the rut.

The best late-season running trails

These trail running holidays are ideal all the way through autumn, and sometimes into winter too. Ascend the steep slopes of the North Downs Way in blissfully cooling temperatures, jog the sheltered riverside paths of Peddar's Way and more. There's plenty to discover.

Glyndwr's Way late-season walking holiday map

Glynd┼Ár’s Way

5 to 10 nights
136 miles
Easy to Moderate/Strenuous
From £745 per person
A trail running holiday from Knighton to Welshpool through the hills of Mid Wales.Find Out More
North Downs Way trail running map

North Downs Way

5 to 10 nights
137 miles
Easy to Demanding
From £780 per person
A trail running holiday from Farnham to Dover through the south-east of England.Find Out More
Offa's Dyke Trail Running Holiday Map

Offa's Dyke Path

6 to 13 nights
181 miles
Easy/Moderate to Strenuous
From £840 per person
A self-guided trail running holiday from Chepstow to Prestatyn along historic Offa’s Dyke.Find Out More
Peddars Way Trail Running Holiday Map

Peddar's Way

3 to 4 nights
49 miles
Easy/Moderate to Moderate/Demanding
From £385 per person
A trail running holiday from Knettishall Heath to Hunstanton through the Brecks.Find Out More

Practicalities of off-season holidays

While we highly recommend the late season, there are important things to plan for on these holidays. Fortunately, here at Contours we have plenty of great advice for all the steps you need to take to get the most out of the trails off-season.

Shorter days

Dwindling daylight hours make a great excuse to arrive at each overnight stop early and spend long evenings chatting and exploring with friends — but make sure you pick an itinerary with daily mileages achievable in the reduced timeframe. If you’re at all unsure about what’s achievable, get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who are perfectly placed to advise.

Short days might be a great incentive to try an even faster way of exploring the countryside, too. Why not take a look at our cycling holidays?

Inclement weather

Changes in weather can happen quickly in the UK, and you should expect some rain in even the driest autumn month. Bring along the right waterproof kit, however, and you can run without issue. Check out Cotswold Outdoors' brilliant advice about how to pack for all weathers, and don't forget to reference our complete kit list when you’re preparing for your trail running holiday.

Supplements for certain trails

In the true off-season, usually from November to March, several of our service providers out in the field take much-deserved breaks. For some holidays, that means a supplementary payment is required to secure alternative services. Don’t worry: if a supplement is required, our booking team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss it with you.

Unavailable trails

Some tours are not ordinarily available in the true off-season at all. To find out if a trail is limited by season, check the Tour Facts tab for your chosen itinerary. Determined to run a trail that’s out of season? Get in touch to see if we can arrange a bespoke holiday just for you.