Hurricane 80K Virtual Challenge

by Laura Cummings

Throughout lockdown, I needed something to keep up my motivation and help my withdrawal from race events. I came across the Hurricane 80K challenge, hosted by the RAF Museum in commemoration of 80 years since the Battle of Britain.

Waterside running on the Hurricane 80k

80K in 80 Days

This event set a virtual challenge for participants to tackle independently: run, walk or cycle 80K over 80 days. The Hurricane 80K would end on the 10th of July, which marked the official anniversary date of the Battle of Britain.

I started the challenge the day it began on the 21st April. After each run I logged it on a worksheet provided by the RAF Museum. I would later upload my sheet as run evidence.

Competing in Lockdown

When lockdown first came into force, I couldn’t run in my usual places and was forced to find new local routes. I actually enjoyed having new places to run and it was nice to see my local villages each week.

Walking Holiday Image Walking Holiday Image

I found that thanks to this challenge, I got out every week of the 10 weeks apart from 1! The Hurricane 80K really helped to keep me fit as my exercise levels drastically dropped in this period.

As time went on, I gradually got to go to my favourite trails with the reopening of certain outdoor sites. Overall, I managed to run really varied routes throughout — a big help with the motivational levels.

Finding local running routes ont he Hurricane 80k

Helping the RAF Museum

To sign up to this virtual event I paid an entry fee which all goes back to the RAF Museum. They raised tens of thousands and had runners compete from all over the world. I really enjoyed getting out and contributing to a great cause.

Walking Holiday Image Walking Holiday Image

Originally published 17/08/20

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