Step by step

Choose a trail and book the itinerary best suited to your plans and fitness level.
We'll be in touch to confirm availability.
Receive your personalised itinerary.
This includes the maps, guidebook, and all the extra information you need - including directions from the trail right up to each overnight accommodation's front door.
Arrive at your first night's accommodation and prepare for tomorrow's trail run.
Everything you won't need out in the countryside can be packed back up in your larger luggage; we've already organised its transfer to the next stop. Just affix the luggage tag provided and leave your bag with your host when you set out.
Take to the trail.
A Contours trail run is at your own pace, so make up your daily mileage however you want: a hard marathon or a mix of walking and running. Lunch can be found in towns or carried with you.
Arrive at your next overnight stop.
Find your luggage waiting for you. Eat and sleep in preparation for the next stage's run tomorrow morning.

It really is no more complicated than that. All you need to think about is putting one foot before the other.

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