Find the right holiday for you

It can usually be quite difficult to judge a trail's difficulty just by reading a description, and every runner needs to be sure that the trail they choose offers the right amount of challenge for them before heading out. Our difficulty scale helps to take the guesswork out of choosing a holiday by offering a simple grade that considers the type of terrain you may experience, as well as the recommended fitness and experience levels required to make the most of your holiday.

Route grading

Easy (E)
Easy undulating trails with daily distances up to about 30 km (18 - miles) and with relatively small amounts (up to 500m (1640ft)) of cumulative ascent each day. These are ideal itineraries for runners just taking up trail running. There is plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.

Moderate (M)
On these itineraries you will encounter some steeper sections on challenging but not particularly technical terrain. Good fitness is required. Daily distances range from 24 - 40 km (15-25 miles) with up to about 1000m (3280ft) of cumulative ascent.

Challenging (C)
These trips are demanding with many steep sections and/or long ascents often over challenging or technical terrain. A high level of fitness is essential. Daily distances may stretch to 50km (31 ¼ miles) with up to around 2000m (6561ft) of cumulative ascent. Expect longish days out of up to 8 hours.

Strenuous (S)
These trips either take in steep mountain trails with up to 3000m (9842ft) of cumulative ascent each day or long distances over less topographically challenging terrain. You must be in top physical and mental condition and be prepared for longs days out of up to 12 hours

Extreme (X)
Basically these trips are just a lot tougher than 'Strenuous' runs either because the terrain is more challenging, the distances are longer, the cumulative ascent exceeds 3000m (9842ft) or a combination of all three.